We are proud to introduce easy online solution to take your old phone case back and handle it responsibly. Managing the existence of products from their birth until the end of their functional life is an important step towards reducing carbon footprint. Solutions like this drive responsible economic development and reduce the flow of plastics into our oceans.

We accept any brands. You will get a 15% discount as a thank you!


You have an old phone case

No one wants to have ugly old phone case. If you no longer want to use old phone case and you don't want to store it at home, there is a chance our RENAJTURE recycling program is for you. Whatever happens, please don't let your old phone case end on landfill.

Tell us details about your old case

Information about phone cases are important to check their eligibility for recycling, reusing or composting. It's good to know these details before you send it to our facility.

Get 15% off voucher

As a thank you, we'll email you the voucher to use toward your next purchase on our store. It'll also compensate for the costs you pay for a delivery to our facility.

Mail your old case to us

Pack up you old phone case and send it to the address we will share with you once you submit your RENAJTURE submission. We will recycle, upcycle, reuse, compost or dispose of it safely through our recycling initiative.


1.5 billion phone cases are thrown away yearly. More than 2000kg of toxic plastics end up in the ocean every ten seconds. That isn't affecting only sea animals and our health but alsolives of future generations. RENAJTURE is a program that enables you to trade in and recycle your old phone cases. Giving a second life to old products is the most effective way to combat global waste crisis. We made it so easy that everybody can trade in an old phone case. Do your part in protecting our environment.