Of all the environmental challenges our world is currently facing, humanity's love affair with plastic is definitely one of the biggest. We use it because it's cheap and nearly indestructible, but that lasting power is exactly what makes it so harmful. We know that disposable plastics pose a serious problem for the environment. That's why we are choosing more sustainable alternatives. Our phone cases no longer need to be a danger for the environment.

Najture phone cases are produced with natural materials, which do not interfere into the food chain. We use only waste from the harvest. Whatever we do, we avoid using virgin components and materials. All materials are respectful with the environment.

This biologic phone case is made with starches from sustainably harvested plants. It meets standards for composting in an industrial composting facility and is completely free of BPA, phthalates, lead, and cadmium.

All phone cases are not created equal. Najture's beautifully crafted phone protector lets you make earth consciousness credible part of your personal message