We focus on generating positive change for future of people and our planet. We’re continually working to reduce our carbon footprint. Manufacturing of NAJTURE phone cases has significantly smaller carbon footprint than of plastic ones. We believe that combination of sustainable materials, technology and design can create the world’s best phone case without wasting precious resources from our planet. It is our duty to be sustainable, honest and responsible in everything we do. Our transparency is to be demonstrated by sharing all the metrics that track our impact. Together, we can create a better tomorrow.


Najture is totally transparent about its practices, materials and environmental impact. We aim implement the use of blockchain technology into our operations by 2022. That will bring us closer to attaining 100% traceability for our raw materials and production services. It will result in effective way to calculate our real carbon footprint.


Our compostable phone case is made from natural materials that are designed to regenerate after use.